Our economic and financial expertise allows us to litigate financial and economic disputes on behalf of corporate customers and suppliers – as well disputes between shareholders and/or investors – that arise during day-to-day operations or when specific difficulties or exceptional transactions take place.

We assist and represent our clients in every area of business and contract law, both in pre-litigation phases (anticipating disputes, conducting negotiations, amicable out-of-court expert assessments, etc.) and during and after litigation in every type of court and forum for disputes (judicial courts, arbitration proceedings, disciplinary hearings).


Our services and activities in this arena include:


  • Conducting negotiations and attempting to reach an amicable solution;

  • Supervising and assisting with conciliation, mediation, litigation, and arbitration proceedings;

  • Drafting documents required for litigation (claim forms, pleadings, interim ex parte applications, etc.);

  • Supervising and assisting with expert assessment procedures, drafting claims to present to experts, etc.;

  • Oral argument;

  • Preparing and drafting the company’s contractual documents (Standard Terms of Sale, Standard Purchasing Terms, etc.).

Our other areas of expertise

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