30 years of expertise

Since 30 years, we use law as a tool to be leveraged on behalf companies, their directors and officers, and their shareholders.


We provide assistance, counsel, and representation to companies, corporate groups, directors and officers, and shareholders in commercial, economic, and financial litigation and during corporate restructuring and reorganisation, whether for healthy companies or for those in special mediation, conciliation, rescue, receivership, or liquidation.


We take part in negotiations and assist with implementing legal and financial restructuring, including Corporate, Private Equity, and LBO transactions.


We also provide assistance, counsel, and representation to companies, directors, officers, and shareholders covering the full range of their contractual relationships, and we represent them when they are involved in litigation and arbitration proceedings.


Our team of lawyers have a complementary skill set and the training needed to provide clients with lasting solutions that are perfectly suited to the issues they face, integrating technical approaches in areas such as the economy, finance, and wealth management.

Law office Seigle Barrié & Associés
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