Restructuring is a major and long-standing area of expertise

at our firm.


Each of the firm’s lawyers – regardless of his or her practice areas – is trained in applying his or her specialities to insolvency proceedings, which makes it possible for us to combine different skill sets to provide our clients with comprehensive, sustainable solutions (restructuring, corporate, employment, etc.).

We provide assistance and counsel to our clients – from listed and unlisted companies and corporate groups, French and international investment funds, borrowers, and creditors – in analysing, implementing, and overseeing the restructuring process in every business sector.

We provide assistance with every aspect of national and international restructuring:

  • Preventive measures: Special mediation, conciliation, credit mediation, CCSF (Commission départementale des Chefs des Services Financiers), CIRI (Comité interministériel de restructuration industrielle);

  • Corporate recovery: Financial recovery, receivership, and court-ordered liquidation;

  • Distressed M&A: Buying out distressed companies and those involved in conciliation, special mediation, pre-pack sale, and court-supervised ‘plan de cession’ asset deals;

  • Presenting a buyout plan or asset deal;

  • Liability claims against directors and officers.



Our other areas of expertise

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